Ksenia Anske Book Covers


An ongoing collaboration with indie author Ksenia Anske. All fiction, the novels have varied target audiences with Anske's brand image maintained throughout.



The brutally honest tale of a mute and mentally ill girl's difficult youth in the Soviet Union, Irkadura combines dark humor with elements of magical realism. Showing characters through Irka's eyes as the animals they are truly, are, this semi-autobiographical novel shows a glimpse into a difficult childhood and an otherworldly mind. A mouse hidden in the counter of the "D" denotes Irka's view of herself as a helpless victim.


Siren Suicides: Second Edition

Formerly a trilogy, Siren Suicides is the tale of a girl-turned-siren in the dark waters of Puget Sound after a suicide attempt to escape from her abusive father. Ailen's problems only grow as she is enveloped into the dark underbelly of mythology, still running from her father and fighting confusing feelings for her best friend. 


Lilith, a misunderstood girl, and her companion Panther, a flamboyant talking whippet, are dragged to her grandfather's Berlin estate for a family reunion... Decidedly dull until Lilith finds that his famous rose garden is utterly carnivorous. To solve the mystery before her family is devoured, Lilith has only Panther and the help of a strange mute boy next door.