Dynasty Vapes


Dynasty is a manufacturer of high-end electronic cigarettes, a part of the vaping industry. Their target audience includes adults 18-45 years of age that are attempting to quit smoking, or that are interested in vaping as a hobby. The goods that Dynasty manufactures are not for the beginning vaper, and require money and knowledge to use.


Dynasty's catalog acts as their main source of communication with wholesalers that buy their products to sell in stores. Original photography shot by me.

XIA by Dynasty

XIA is a juice brand that will soon be released - the label fits with the rest of the Dynasty branding and is sleek and modern with a twist of traditional. The various juices are named after the largest yachts in the world, denoted by the nautical compass. 

Prince by Dynasty

Prince by Dynasty is an offshoot of Dynasty, enveloping a new, more affordable line of drip tips. The Prince crown is traced directly from the dimensions of the Dynasty crown.