My name is Anya Milioutina, and I'm a designer. Let's work together.

Designer? What kind?
I specialize in branding and illustration... but if you like my style, I love learning new tricks.

Three vowels in a row! How do I say your name?
Don't worry, I've heard it all. It's mill-you-tee-nah.

Where are you?
Seattle, WA! Previously based in LA, I had a quarter-life crisis, sold all my possessions, and ran away to travel the world in 2016. Back stateside but far from giving up my nomadic ways, I seldom spend more than 2 weeks in one place. I may be a walking cliche, but the travel bug is a dangerous insect.

But I need a [insert project here]!
Wipe those tears away, I'm currently available for freelance projects. Does your second cousin's boyfriend's sister's best friend's hamster need a logo? Send 'em my way!

What's your experience?
Graphic Designer, CatalystCreativ
Chief Designer, GoVyrl, Inc.
Graphic Designer/Photographer, Dynasty Vapes
BFA Graphic Design, Chapman University


Want more? You're insatiable!
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